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Park Slope Poetry Project
283 Prospect Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11215


Poetry feature and open mic

First Tuesday of every month at St. John-St. Matthew-Emanuel Lutheran Church, 283 Prospect Avenue (Between 5th & 6th Ave.) 7:30-10 pm. $5 donation.


Scheduled Features:

Feb 7 - Tim Brennan + Open

Details: email William Duke or call 718-788-2597.

Video of recent reading

Directions/details: M, or R to Prospect Avenue. Walk up Prospect Ave past Fifth Avenue. Church is on the left. F train to Seventh Avenue. Walk south on Seventh Ave, pass 16th Street and make next right on Prospect Avenue. Church is second building on the right past 6th Avenue. 5 min on open mic. $5 donation.

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Submit a poem to Erato Poetry.

Send poem or very short prose piece to William Duke, Submit a short poem or video.

Old print issues of Erato:

Erato Issue #13 November 2006 (PDF)

2005 issues:

Erato Issue #1 February 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #2 March 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #3 April 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #4 May 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #5 June 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #6 September 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #7 October 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #8 December 2005 (PDF)

Erato Issue #9 February 2006 (PDF)

Erato Issue #10 April 2006 (PDF)

Erato Issue #11 June 2006 (PDF)

Erato Issue #12 September 2006 (PDF)

Erato Issue #13 November 2006 (PDF)

Looking for an event? The "Ultimate New York City Poetry Calendar" is just a click away at Poetz.com/calendar

Saturn Series – Open mic and featue every Monday in at Nightengale (13th and Second Avenue, Manhattan).

Monday Evening Angel Band Jam sessions at Has Beans (18th and 5th Avenue, Brooklyn):

August 12- Session

August 26- Session

October 25 - Session

Listen to William Duke's songs.


St. John - St. Matthew - Emanuel Lutheran Church