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Hope for Older Smokers–– Article 109––Word count: 551
Why are your chances of successfully putting tobacco behind you better today than when you were younger? View full article | E-mail article #109 | Download article

New Book of Poems Offers Rx for Stress–– Article 108––Word count: 532
In today's turbulent world, how can we relieve the stress that often grips us? One prescription, many experts agree, is by simply reading poetry, whose musical language and meditative reflections are said to soothe the soul. Now, a new book of poetry, entitled HERO ISLAND, would appear to offer a particularly uplifting elixir for both easing stress and renewing the spirit. View full article | E-mail article #108 | Download article

Books for Nurturing Newborns–– Article 107––Word count: 504
Reading to children is important, but newborns need much more than the sound of a parent’s voice. Now there’s a new kind of book that sparks loving interaction––touch, communication and play––and provides infants with the feelings of security they need most. View full article | E-mail article #108 | Download article

Sports Cliches: Familiar Phrases Bring Comfort, Save Time & Establish Common Bonds Among Fans–– Article 105––Word count: 555
Sports provides a metaphor for business, commerce and life. The unique lingo of competitive sports gives us examples of phrases that are instantly understood. View full article | E-mail article #105 | Download article

Finding Balance Between Work & Personal Life: 10 Ways to Avoid Burnout–– Article 104 ––Word count: 696
Lisa Whaley documents the very real dangers of corporate burnout in, Reclaiming My Soul From the Lost and Found. Here are guiding principles to maintain a healthy balance in one's work and personal life. View full article | E-mail article #104 | Download article

The Marriage Medics: Rx's for Strengthening––& Perhaps Saving––Your Marriage –– Article 103––Word count: 579
With so many marriages in America ending in divorce, the question can be asked: How many of those domestic unions might have been saved? Now a new book, combining the insights of five experts in a single volume, offers a multifaceted resource for helping avert the emotional trauma of breaking up a marital union. View full article | E-mail article #103 | Download article

We May Say "I Do" to the One We Love, But We Commit to Share a Way of Life!––Article 102––Word count: 661
Six crucial questions a bride and groom must answer –– lifestyle, money, family relationships, children, professional aspirations, and shared spiritual foundations – are important touchstones for a successful marriage. What heartfelt attraction begins, sober answers to these must sustain! View full article | E-mail article #102 | Download article

Joyful Wedding: Planning the Ceremony–– Article 101––Word count: 374
Susan Piver, author of the recently published, Joyful Wedding, offers helpful advice about planning a wedding ceremony that is both deeply personal yet fun for everyone. View full article | E-mail article #101 | Download article


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