Lightlink Official Web Designer Policy

     It is in the best interests of Lightlink to offer quality web
design to our web hosting customers, particularly through referral to
local professional web designers.  We do not wish to compete against
local web designers by doing such work ourselves, as in theory, web
designers should be bringing us hosting customers.  They wouldn't do
that if we then took their web design business away from them.

     It is not in our best interest to lose our hosting customers to
other hosting sites because web designers chose to move our customers
web sites to other providers for the convenience or financial benefit
of the web designer.

     Therefore Lightlink has developed an approved list of web
designers, who are added to a mailing list specifically built for the
purpose of referrals.  When our customers ask us for a referral, we
send the request to the mailing list, so all web designers have equal
chance to compete by making their offers to the end customer directly.

     To remain a Lightlink approved web designer and continue to
benefit from our referral program, the web designer must follow
certain policies regarding our customers.

     Definition: Web Designer

     A web designer is a professional who creates or works on web pages
owned by someone other than themselves.
     1.) No existing web page on lightlink servers may be moved by a
web designer off our hosting servers to another provider without
compelling reason and our express permission.

     2.) Any new web page created for an EXISTING LIGHTLINK CUSTOMER
of any kind whether domain owner or not, may not be hosted on non
Lightlink servers without compelling reason and our express

     Cheaper hosting costs to the web designer does not provide
compelling reason.

     Any web designer found to be knowingly and willingly in violation
of the above two rules will be removed from this mailing list with
prejudice, considered in treason to Lightlink and thus a business
enemy and non friendly competitor, and recommended accordingly.

     If web designer wishes to become a reseller of our hosting
services, we can arrange that through CPanel.

     If a web designer needs to have special software installed on our
servers, we will try our best to do so.  If we can't, then of course
the web page may move where it can be properly hosted.

     If a LIGHTLINK CUSTOMER wishes to move their web page to another
provider, they are of course welcome to do so at any time.  However if
we determine that the lightlink customer moved their web page because
of the deceitful conniving of a web designer in violation of the above
two rules, then the stated sanctions will apply to that web designer.

     Homer and Jane
     607 227 5465