vertical access is in the information business
Vertical Access strives to eliminate uncertainty in the design and construction process by providing accurate, reliable and practical design documents to its clients.

Vertical Access provides specialized building inspections and condition reports for architects, engineers, and conservators utilizing efficient, lightweight rigging systems and industrial rope access techniques. This unique approach to architectural investigation offers quick, "hands-on" access without expensive and time-consuming conventional swing stage or frame scaffolding, cranes, and boom lifts.

Our company's specialty are buildings, monuments, bridges and churches with areas that are difficult to access such as:
  • steeples
  • domes
  • towers
  • chimneys
  • high parapet walls
  • screen walls

Vertical Access' staff is comprised of historic building preservationists, professional structural engineers and technicians, all trained and SPRAT certified in industrial rope access techniques. In order to best conserve historic buildings, our team specializes in many non- destructive testing techniques such as fiber-optic investigations, ultrasonic thickness testing, acoustic emission, wall tie location and more.

Because effective and intelligent collection of data in the field is essential to providing consistent and useful report documents, Vertical Access developed a tablet PC annotation system, TPASTM, to record and document existing conditions.

While industrial rope access is the means to an end, the ultimate service is the collection, management, presentation, and sharing of condition survey data. Vertical Access does not typically engage in repair or maintenance work. Instead, by concentrating on the investigation and documentation of existing conditions, Vertical Access maintains an objective point of view, free of inevitable conflicts of interest.

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