Author and Culinary Raconteur

The author's intellectually rich reflections add surprising, entertaining dimensions to the culinary landscape. A Month of Sundaes takes readers on a 30-chapter journey through the history and folklore of the Ice Cream Sundae; a follow-up work, The Banana Split Book, trains a microscopic eye on the origins of the iconic dessert and its status in the social chronicle of an entire century; Greetings from the Finger Lakes: A Food and Wine Lover's Companion celebrates achievements in winemaking, artisan farming, and culinary invention; Hot Chocolate, features 60 trend-setting recipes contributed by the world's preeminent chocolatiers; Mocha explores the partnership of chocolate and coffee in a range of original drinks and desserts from chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and baristas. Coffee Drinks introduces imaginative recipes for espresso-based beverages, custom-crafted in national and international barista competitions. The author's access and insights into culinary culture and contemporary artistry are simultaneously enviable and enlightening.

Writing Consultant
As a widely-published author, Turback guides clients who want to write their own books. He has written proposals, edited storylines, and has helped those with good ideas and real talent to develop projects, including restaurant cookbooks, personal histories, and business documentaries on DVD.

Publishing and Ghostwriting
Turback is co-founder of Side Order Books, a full-service book publisher specializing in ghostwriting, editing, cover design, typesetting, printing and marketing. He can help you make your book a reality.

Professional Communicator
Thoughtfully crafted messages delivered with style and impact have the power to persuade your most important customers, partners and investors. As a talented business writer, Turback works with harried businesspeople, web entrepreneurs and inarticulate geniuses to turn ideas into words that rally supporters and persuade customers.

Press Releases
Essential to your marketing/communications effort, press releases communicate the latest news about your company and its products to the media. Writing a successful press release is an art form, and Turback's effective press releases, tailored to journalists in your business category, will compliment your advertising campaign by keeping your name in front of your market.

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