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Paintings in Tartan

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Gifts, Teas and Food from Ireland, Scotland, Britian and Wales

afghans   Afghans Tapestries, Blankets

angels   Angels and Fairies

PIpes & chanters   Bagpipes and Supplies

breadwarmers   Bread Warmers

to the bumpersticker page   Bumperstickers

celtic candles   Celtic Candles

celtic crosses   Celtic Crosses

Doorknockers   Celtic Door Knockers

Celtic soaps   Celtic Soaps

Christmas stockings   Christmas stockings plus

clothing   Clothing & Accessories

Sundial compass   Compass with Sundial

Collector spoons   Collector spoons

to the Druids   Druids

                        Drums & cipans Drums, Cipans, Tutors

              To the greenmen   Faces of Nature

                      To the flags and signs   Flags of Celtic Lands

    To witch balls items Witch Balls

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          Irish Rosaries   Irish Rosaries

to Jewelry   Jewelry

        to Leprechauns   Leprechauns

to music   Music

to the name slates   Name Slates

to Pendulums   Pendulums

Ornaments & suncatchers   Ornaments and Suncatchers

Piggy banks   Piggy banks

to the word in stone   The "Word" in Stone

to santas   Santas

Teatowels&aprons   Teatowels and Aprons

Traditional figurines   Traditional Figurines

to the tartanartist page   Paintings in Tartan

Welsh love spoons   Welsh Love Spoons

Wedding cake toppers   Wedding Cake Tops
and Accessories

Decorater birdhouse   Decorator Birdhouses

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Paintings in Tartan


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