Club Membership Expenses
Membership Fee (Per Person) Required for pit access
Club Microd Registration ($35 per additional microd)
Electrical Hook up
MMC Raffle Tickets
NYSMA Membership Expenses
NYSMA Microd Registration (Per Microd)
Accident Insurance (Per Person) Insurance for those inside the fence
Club Point Race Entry Fee (Per Microd) 11 Scheduled Points Races plus Hillcrest Cup
Typical Team Annual Expenses (not including the cost of the car)
Two club memberships (driver and handler)
One Club Microd Registration
One NYSMA Microd registration
Two Accident Insurance Fees (driver and handler)
Entry Fees for 13 races ($14.00 each)
Electrical Hookup
You sell your 10 MMC Raffle Tickets (cost $100.00)
Total Cost Annually

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