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Edward Adams III 2006 to 2008

Lucas Campbell 2010

Dustin Card 2005 to 2011

Nick Cinquanti 2005 to 2011

Tommy Davey 2004 to 2008

Kailee Dimorier 2008-2010

Madison Dimorier 2008-2010

Alec Duryea 2002 to 2008

Max Evans 2010

David Emmanuel French 2008

Steven Glauberman 2009 to 2011

Elijah Griep 2012

Megan Hall 2006-2010

Cody Metzler 2003 to 2008

Ashley Neff 2014

Kassandra Neff 2013

Taylor Netti 2010

Michael Nickels 2013

Brennon O'Dell 2012

Kailey Reddick 2005-2010

Ryan Romer 2006-2010

Mikayla Rypkema 2002 to 2008

Tyler Rypkema

Amy Scott retired 2003

Steven Sherwood 2001-2010

Austin Skinner 2007-2010

Dillion Skinner 2010

Andrew Wood retired 2009

Brendan Young 2008-2010

Richard Harrington, Delhi, NY
Phone: 607 746-2213 summer, 321 567-4301 winter

Car owner from 1965-1971

Driver: Robert Harrington,

Positions Held: Officer

I was a senior in high school (West Genesee) and I built a Microd for my brother to drive (#9, blue, roadrunner).  Our home track was at Syracuse, but we traveled to Homer, Lyons, Auburn. We won track championships in both MR1 and MR2 and almost won the national championship in MR1 in 1967 (leading at lap 25 when we were intentionally taken out).  Many fond memories and it certainly prepared me for life. I built the car and the motors at age 17, no dad!  I had many mentors that assisted me (Bob Yearly, Greg Miller to name a few).

Robert passed away from Cancer in 1975 at the age of 20.  Microds were the major chapter of his life.  When I return to the NYS Fair, I always walk over to the Microd track and reflect.

Submitted by George Cook:
Thought you might like to see a couple of photos around the 1960 time frame when the club was in Homer on the clay track.

Christopher Carman
Cortland New York
Driver from 1993 to 2001
Crew Chief and Dad: Cliff Carman

Favorite Memories of Racing: Winning my first championship in 1994 and having a competive rivary wirh Dusty Jagger and Ashley Helwig and winning a total of 50 races.

Larry "Bucky" "Leadfoot" Moran
The Villages, Fl 32162
Driver from 1956 to 1962

Team Members: Al Moran ( Pit man) Roger Guller ( Pitman)

Al Moran is a Past President of the Homer Microd Club

I won various championships through my MR1 and MR2 career including Club championship. I was leading the race for the New York State Championship when I was flipped by a hard and illegal hit from behind. I contined to race but finished back in the pack. This was before roll bars and seat belts were added and helmets were more decorative than safe. I loved racing all over the state at various clubs and participating in various parades and events throughout the state. I was even featured on a television show in Syracuse.It was a great time spent with family and new racing friends. I will never forget it.

I believe the driving skills attained in these races has literally saved my life many times as I have been challenged as I drive my car. I have met many wonderful people and wonder where they are today such as John French, Dudley Hand, John Dorsey, Susan Hotchkiss, Tony Natale, and other Homer Club drivers between 1956 and 1962. I applaud this effort to memorialize this wonderful experience.

Gary Matson
DeWitt, N.Y.
Driver 1957 to 1959

I raced from 1957 to 1959. My dad, brother (BOB) and I built the car and I was the driver. I was a member of the Cortland County Microd Club at that time. I did pretty well the first two years and really improved the third year, finishing 3rd in overall points. Also I believe it was in 1959 that we were asked to put on an exposition at the Marathon, N.Y. Field Days, So we did and in the first heat race I was leading when my gas line broke so I pulled into the infield until the race was over. We didn't have a lot of money so didn't have many spare parts with us, so my dad and I asked other drivers/owners if anyone had a spare gas line they would sell us. Knowing I was a good driver they said "No". Well my dad said that he'd wire up the gas line pieces in line with each section the best he could and I could at least go back out and help put on the exhibition and have some fun. So he did and I went back to racing and WON the next THREE races. (the Elimination, the Semi-Final, and the Feature.) I also raced at the Whitney Point Fairgrounds, where I won the first race of the day and my sister, Carol, who had never driven the car before, won the powder puff exhibition race at the end of the day. My mother also drove my car once in a powder puff for mothers at our home track in Homer, N.Y. I believe she finished 3rd.

My greatest and saddest memory of microd racing was in 1959. In a field of 30 cars, I started 16th in the 25 lap New York State Championship Race at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.N.Y. On the 3rd lap I took over first place and led the race for the last 22 laps. On the final (25th) lap between the 3rd and 4th turn my car quit for no known reason. I was running half a lap ahead of the 2nd place car at the time. My car had enough momentum to carry me across the finish line.....2 inches in 2nd place. Yes, the 2nd place car also from Homer had enough time to run at full speed, catch and pass me just as we crossed the finish line. Even the Judges had a hard time giving me the 2nd PLACE RIBBON after I ran such a great race, but everyone knew that I couldn't get the 1st place TROPHY. So I learned at a young age that life isn't always fair.

Mike Mc Mullin
Homer, New York
Driver - 1976-1979
Also on my team was my father Richard Mc Mullin Sr.
Took 3rd place in points MR2 in 1979 (I think), 2nd place street race in Syracuse. 1st place Cortland Invatational I think 1979.

Ted Hamilton
King, NC
Driver: 1995-1996
Also on my team was David Hamilton
Other Positions Held: Flagger
Raced Open Wheel (Stock) 1 year, 1995.  Placed 7th on a limited schedule.  Enjoyed flagging the following year, particularly as a NYSMA Tour Series official.  Great times with Bonnie, and Tammy Zachar. Previously raced woodframes (classics) with FLMC (1988-1991) and Classic (1992-1995)  

What are my old competitors up to?  Marty Miller, Dan Miller, Robbie Kilmer, Jason Pulver, Ben Foley, Ben Leonard?  And where's my old car?

John J. Hale - Rochester NY 1956

My father and I built this in 1956 in Rochester NY.  It was a wonderful time together, and learning experience for me.  In those days there were no organized events that I knew of.  I drove it around the streets and school yards and had a great time. I am glad there is so much activity with the little cars today. I made a couple alterations, but stuck to the design 99%.  I added “duels”, sort of, by using a threaded galvanized pipe coming from the B&S engine and branching out.  It probably restricted the exhaust, but without a muffler maybe it was a wash. The only other thing I did was with the brakes.  The original plans called for a foot pedal, cable and rubber belt going over the top of a pulley connected to the drive shaft.  I noticed that it stopped much better in reverse, so I brought the belt under then over the pulley, and it would screech to a stop. I gave the car white wall tires, and a hood ornament I turned on a lathe in the basement.  Remember this was the “50s and loud cars/white walls etc. were in fashion, along with that golf hat (probably not) that I am sporting.

Daniel Russell - 1992 to 1996 - Driver
3944 McMahon Rd
Marathon, NY
Team Members: Dave, Sandra, David, and Dennis Russell
Russ Barnes - Homer Member '58 - '61 - Driver
5360 Jones Rd.
Christiana, Tennessee
615 849 8225

Team Member "Bud" Aurand

I raced MR-2's for about three years.  Two years second in points but many, many nights the fastest microd in time, heats, semi and feature. The problem was that the darn slower ones were in my way, I'd lean on them and I'd get a black flag...shades of Dale E.

I still remember one night at Ithaca/Dryden stock car track where I couldn't afford different pulleys so I ran what I had and lapped the field. That was in my first year ('58 I think) and it gave me the confidence to keep making my car faster and faster.

Another time we went to the track at Syrcause - the state fair.  It was one or our few times on ashpalt.  In practice I cut my best friend - John Dorsey - off and flipped myself over, the one and only time in all the years I spent on tracks.  No rollbars, no cages, just tuck and roll.

Some of the most fun times I had were during these years and as a teen; building my own car from scratch, tuning it myself, repairing everything all on my own a teenager and beating the others that had dads that were; car dealers (Denny Planck), dads that owned equipment dealers (Bob Jones) and (a guy I can't remember name) whose father worked at or owned Kellog Auto. I was protested a few times, but always was legal.  It really taught me the meaning of hard work paying off.

Later I was sponsored and raced karts in several states and finally built record holding sprint cars while I lived in Wisconsin.  Gave up race cars in the late 70's  I am sure it helped lead me to my engineering career and even today I still have dirt under my nails as I work on my "other projects.

The old Homer track is gone and most memories of what I have left of that area what remains, but it will live in me forever.

Kim Sherwood Jochum, Driver 76-80 at STMC; 77-79 at Cortland

Team Members: My Dad, Allen Sherwood and brother Lee

Accomplishments You'd Like to Share: Beating my brother at the Season Championship race in Syracuse during state fair week, our most anticipated race of the year. I'm always reminded that it was because half the pack crashed but that's no consequence... I still beat him!!!

Racing microds was the most fun and exciting thing I did as a kid. It brought our family closer together, something we could really enjoy doing as a family and a reason why three generations of my family are enjoying it now. I just hope my kids will have as many fond memories as I do.

Jim Griffin, Racer from 1961 to 1968
4625-B Turtle Creek Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 414-218-8088
Email Address: rdking2312@aol.com

What Type of Member Were You? Driver, Team Member
Who Else Was On Your Team? My Dad, Stan and Brother, Tom

At the age of 15, while acting as my younger brother's one-man-pit-crew I discovered a "trick" that made our little 2.5 HP Tecumseh engine run as fast as any other EVER had, and it was the last race night of the season. Unfortunately, we threw a rod in time trials and never got to race it. It surely would have won!

I raced from about age 9 to 15 back around 1961 through 1968. What I learned from Microding has literally served me well ever since. There would have been no other way that I could have learned about: mechanics, 4-cycle engines, wood-working, centrifugal force, safety, good-sportsmanship, and the list goes on and on. Microding offers young people an unbelievable opportunity to learn. (As a kid, who knew?) Gy the way, I'm planning to be a the race this coming Friday night (7/10/09)... for the first time since about 1967! See you there!

Name: Robert C. George II

Date of Birth: 8 September 1952

Sponsors: my father use to be a sponsor. (7-UP)

Favorite moment in Microd racing:  All were favs. I never drove. But loved watching them as a child.

Favorite Professional Driver:  the king... Richard Petty

Interests outside racing: astronomy

I was always there to watch the races then I grew up and moved away... I miss them... would love videos of them. Anyone offering them... Contact me at robertsspace@peoplepc.com I have a cousin in the Microd association --that how I found it still exists!

Driver Ashley Helwig(Brown)
Hinesville, GA
Years You Were a Member: 13 years!
Who Else Was On Your Team? My dad Rex my mother Bonnie and my brother Matthew!
Positions Held: Officer, Director, Flagger, Race Director, Other
Positions Held (Other): My mother was the Head Scorer for many years!  But my parents help many positions and they really and others really helped to make the club flourish into what it is today!

My greatest accomplishment was winning the Club and State Championship and the Sportmanship award all in one year!  I could not have been more happy!!!!  I'm forever greatful that my family was there to share in my excitement!!!!

Thanks so much to my mom, dad, my brtoher Matt (who also raced for many years!), and my grandfather Donald Helwig for everything you did to make this possible.  I cant wait to get my daughter involved!  It was a great way to make good safe memories!  I will forever talk of the great times i had!!!!  And something my dad always told me was, "Winners never quit and quitters never win!!"

Jim Piedmont (mid- 1950’s) 

I was hunting some past images & long since gone family; & by chance I stumbled on to the Mic-Rod photo. I my self never had one; I was born in Syracuse.

 Migrated from Jamesville to the south side on to Salina St. 5400 block; the house is still there. I think around 1953; I was five years of age then: although I left at 17 on my own & lived in CA near most of my life; closing in on 60 myself now, it's not like I would ever forget the Mic-Rod days.

It was across the street from me was Warren Bruno. His father built one & I would go to the racetrack with them at the NY State Fair Grounds. It made for a great weekend back in those days.

I believe we were 7 years old when the Mic Rod thing happened for Warren. Just lucky for sure it was having a friend like Warren then. End result, I did get a considerable amount of time behind the wheel driving it myself.

Outstanding features I'll never forget: cable pull for the steering at the wheels & we used an old fan belt for braking drag on the axel drive shaft & then some old Briggs Stratton engine & 

Plywood body. It was fun & life was a whole different then for us as kids back then.

I congratulate you & those who have maintained the activity to this day. It's a wonderful thing what you are doing for those children. No doubt there lives will be a whole lot fuller because of you & others who have kept it alive to this day.

The old picture is just like how I recall it, what they looked like, rough. 

Adrian Hall, Driver
Cortland / NY
Six Year Member
Handler: Mike Hall
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