Microds are divided into three different divisions; Classic or "Woodframe" microds, Steel frame microds, and Open wheel microds. All divisions are powered by a one cylinder (lawnmower) engine. All cars are equipped with roll bars and seat belts for driver safety. Families either build the cars themselves to meet the standard specifications, or purchase used cars from families whose children have outgrown them.  Construction specifications are available in the official New York State Microd Association (NYSMA) plan book which can be found here.

There are several different competitive classes in each division based on driver's age and experience. The classes are defined by engine make and horsepower for drivers' ages 5 to 18 years old.

The drivers, girls and boys, can participate at both the state and local levels.  Racing begins in May and runs to September. Race nights consist of 8 lap heats, 12 lap eliminations (nobody is really eliminated), and 20 or 25 lap features in which drivers compete for points. A club trophy race is held at the end of the season for the members of the club, and trophies are awarded to all of the drivers. The season ends with the annual MID-STATE MICROD CLUB banquet complete with personalized stats album, and trophies for every driver.

 Within the New York State Microd Association there are four active clubs which are located in Cortland, Candor, Syracuse, and Sodus. Each club hosts an invitational race that earns the driver points toward the Tour Series Championship. There is plenty of fun and excitement when the clubs get together!

We hope this information will inspire you in some way to become a part of the Mid-State Microd Club, as a spectator, sponsor, volunteer, or possibly even a participating family. If you should have any questions, contact a club officer or director.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you at the track in the upcoming season!!

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