Content-Type: text/html; name="story_1434.html" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Disposition: inline; filename="story_1434.html" Content-Base: " story_1434.html" NEED TO KNOW ZDNet AnchorDesk"> WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1997 New Bug in IE 4, Pentium Bug Confirmed… MS Gives DOJ an Earful… Apple Touts 'New' Strategy, Products… Liz Enbysk, Managing Editor ZDNet AnchorDesk New IE 4.0 Bug Surfaces; Intel Devising Pentium Bug Workaround A software developers' organization discovered a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 browser and its companion programs. Could be exploited to run malicious code on another user's computer. Microsoft confirmed bug; plans to post fix within 24 hours. (Click for full story.) Meanwhile, Intel expects to post a workaround for a Pentium bug by the weekend. The company says the flaw can crash a system when a user intentionally adds some obscure code to the DOS, Linux, Windows 95 or NT operating systems. Click for full story. Microsoft Labels {DO J } Action Baseless, Inexcusable Microsoft issues a 48-page response to Justice Department allegations that the company willfully violated its 1995 consent decree. In it, the software giant: 1. Claims the DOJ was fully aware of the company's plans to integrate its browser into its Windows 95 {OS } when the consent decree was being formed, and 2. Charges the DOJ wants to prevent Microsoft from delivering improved features and functionality in upgraded versions of Win95. Next steps: The DOJ has 10 days to respond to Microsoft's retort; a Dec. 5 hearing follows. Our take: After two years of thumbing its nose at the DOJ, scorning it, doing everything short of mooning Janet Reno in public, Microsoft wonders why government lawyers have it in for them. DOJ may be inept at times -- but it's not trying to restrict innovation. It's Microsoft's monopoly that increasingly hinders innovation. Click for full story. New Products, New (for Apple) Selling Strategy Acting CEO Steve Jobs had everyone on the edge of their seats Monday, waiting for The Big Announcement. Then he talked about a new build-to-order online selling strategy. New 250 {MHz } laptops. And showcased the new G3 chip which comes out of a collaboration with IBM. Yaaaaaaaawn. That was the sound of analysts responding to the "groundbreaking" announcement...that Apple will start doing what its competitors have been doing, well, for years now. Remember the story about the boy who cried wolf the next time Jobs promises a milestone. Go to ZDNN's News Special. WorldCom Takes the Prize in MCI Bidding In the biggest telecommunications merger to date, WorldCom outbid British Telecommunications and GTE. The prize: MCI Communications Corp. -- and huge market share in Internet services if the $37 billion deal goes through. Jesse says: This is the first of many telecom mergers to expect in the next five years. When the shakeout is over, there will be just a handful of major players -- competing in all markets, all geographies. An easing of today's over-regulation of the industry will lead to greater competition. And that will bring faster innovations, more features and lower prices. Click for full story. Quick Takes: 3. Sun says it's sorry for cheating on {Ja va } benchmarks. "We optimized too much," a VP admits. Click for full story. 4. Web traffic has doubled the first three quarters of 1997, according to a new usage survey. Click for full story. Go to ZDNN Page One for the latest news on technology and the Internet. New stories are posted continuously. TALKBACK: W ho do I write to??? — Allen Yale Harris Netscape works at Microsoft site — Mike Down So, the kids can read — Brad H. What about the '100% Pure Java' myth? — Adri Kasbergen Good, balanced reporting? — Keith D. 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