Indigenous Cowboy
is new band currenlty in the studio with a recording due out in April. Indigenous Cowboy's major debut and recording release will be at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival "creating a common ground for peace and justice". The festival takes place April 10-13 just outside Chapel Hill in Silk Hope North Carolina.

In response to the current state of the planet, we decided to release two songs in advance, and to make the CD package an informational flyer on U-238 or depleted uranium. (D.U.). Some poindexter at the pentagon decided that it would be a good idea to make arms and armor out of nuclear waste, and then to spread it all over Iraq and Bosnia. The pentagon further decided not to tell the Soldiers about it. They then further decided not to tell Gulf War Veterans about the radiation poisoning they are experiencing as Gulf War Syndrome. Presently they are denying that the sky rocketing birth defect rate in Iraq and Bosnia is due to radiation poisoning.

What to do?

1) Spread the Word!...
2 ) Support election reform! Legalized bribery is a big reason these clowns get their way....
3) Take an activist to lunch, they're probably hungry.....
4) Support Indigenous Cowboy's Jamaican (Bushabinghi) Solution. Allow the entire Bush family to seek exile in Jamaica where they can mellow out for a few generations, spending all of their old money on locally produced ganje, thus supporting a village economy in the supply of their compound, and at the same time providing a positive example of functional capitalism in a restricted, local "community" setting. They can begin to have children with the Nyabinghi and we can ensure through genetic manipulations that the children get indigenous Jamaican consciousness genes crossed with intensive east coast political savvy genes, and create super conscious politicians (Bushabinghi) who really care about the planet. A down side would be that the Bushabinghi might legalize the growth of ganje...on golf courses only. Please e-mail I with other possible genetic outcomes.


5) We could put Women in charge of the planet. Vote for Women and support Women and Woman's rights campaigns. Indigenous Cowboy (IC) supports women politicians. We believe that the only way to save the planet is for the earth's Mothers and Sisters to rise and show the men how it's done. You can control us, we know you know how, you have the power...use it.......please. The biosystem needs centuries of nurturing to heal the onslaught of the industrial age and stem the consumptive seductions of technology.


C.T. for Indigenous Cowboy

This page has just gone up and content will be changing often...check back soon for band and activist updates and mp3's of the upcoming release as we churn them out.

The first mp3 release is entitled "Tennessee Terrorist" and should be ready for download soon. Email me at: