Alan Cohen Mayor

Vote November 2nd, 1999: Alan J. Cohen, Mayor, City of Ithaca

Welcome to the Re-Elect Alan Cohen Mayor web site. Alan J. Cohen is running for re-election for the office of Mayor of the City of Ithaca, New York. The links on this page should lead you to all the information you're likely to need. If you have questions we haven't thought of, please use the form below to submit an inquiry, or write


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  • Efforts and Accomplishments
    Here's a look at what Mayor Alan J. Cohen has accomplished during his first term, along with his thoughts about work still to be done.

  • City of Ithaca web site
    Visit the City of Ithaca web site to learn more about our community's government, services, departments, and so on.

  • Voter registration info
    From the Tompkins County Board of Elections web site. New voters must register by October 8th to participate in the November 2nd general election.

Last modified 5 October 1999.